Sensation of the “Life-from-Good” – “Hermes” – “Best Way” case: all victims turn out to be criminals

Sensation of the Life from Good – Hermes – Best Way case Sensation of the “Life-from-Good” – “Hermes” – “Best Way” case: all victims turn out to be criminals

The consideration of the fake criminal case, which the investigation of the Main Investigation Department of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region tried to connect with the companies Life-of-Good, Hermes and the Best Way cooperative, should lead to criminal cases against the so-called victims and the investigative groups. As well as compensation for multibillion-dollar damage to the cooperative, which was illegally declared a civil defendant, and to the shareholders of the cooperative, who for more than two years have been deprived of the opportunity to receive their funds due to the seizure of accounts and to purchase an apartment for which their turn has come. Damage, both material and moral.

The court hearing of the Primorsky District Court of St. Petersburg on March 21 – the fourth meeting and the second at which the judicial investigation of the case was carried out, turned out to be even more scandalous than the first meeting – on March 14, at which the judicial investigation was carried out.

One of the main prosecution witnesses, V. Loginov, recognized as a victim, who wrote a sensational statement about moral damage of 1 billion rubles, did not appear to continue his interrogation: the prosecutor’s office said that he had gone on vacation, although the day before he had boasted on social networks, that “he will come and show everyone.”

In addition, N. Shkolnik, who was summoned for 15 hours and recognized by the investigation as a victim (by the way, was the first of the persons who wrote a statement to law enforcement agencies, her statement became the cornerstone of the criminal investigation) at the last moment refused to testify in court just before the hearing, citing that she had a high temperature on the way to court.

The prosecution is hiding its “heroes” because the very first interrogation of a prosecution witness in court – the interrogation of Loginov – caused confusion and was interrupted by the prosecutor’s office, and its continuation was postponed for a week. Now it has been postponed supposedly until Loginov returns from vacation (although he actually never went anywhere).

Got something to hide

At the meeting on March 14, Loginov stated that because of Hermes and the Best Way cooperative, he lost his apartment, got divorced and suffered other moral suffering – that’s why he stated, in addition to demands for compensation for material damage, demands for compensation for moral damages worth a billion, which the court took with undisguised irritation. The fact is that moral damage even for causing death according to judicial practice does not exceed several million rubles, but in the case of a “property” event it can only amount to tens of thousands of rubles. In addition, moral damage must be justified – in this case, there is no event of material damage.

Nobody stole anything from Loginov. He regularly, for many months in a row, withdrew money in euros from his Vista account at Hermes, used the money in this account, and his income significantly exceeded the amount he deposited into the account. Loginov lied that the money was stolen from him – and he lied for the second time: the first time he did this during the interrogation by the investigation itself, which is available in the criminal case materials: both in court and during the investigation, he said that he used the Vista account, withdrew money from the account and received more than I invested. Loginov also lied that the cooperative owed him 160 thousand rubles: he did not submit an application to leave the cooperative, he did not make the obligatory payments required under the agreement, and he did not challenge the agreement in a civil court.

All other “victims” have exactly the same level of validity of the accusations. And given the fact that two accounting examinations of the forensic institution of the Ministry of Justice claim that 81% of the cooperative’s funds went to the purchase of apartments, and 19% to other needs (marketing, organizational, etc.), there is neither the composition nor the event of a crime in the case: no one I did not steal anything from the “victims”. The case went to court with an unfounded charge and kept the accused in prison for more than two years on an unfounded charge (and now, at the suggestion of the prosecutor’s office, the court is holding it).

The elements of the crime lie in the actions of the “victims” themselves. This is, firstly, slander against the defendants and the organizations Life-from-Good, Hermes, and Best Way, in the first of which the defendants were ordinary functionaries. Secondly, this is a malicious violation of tax and currency laws: the victims did not declare the currency they withdrew from Vista accounts and did not pay taxes on it.

In this case, we are talking about significant amounts – tens of thousands of euros over the years of using the Vista account. Perhaps it was the promise to excuse them from being involved on fiscal grounds that became a way of “recruiting” the so-called victims. They convinced for three years, but they managed to convince only 221 citizens out of more than one hundred thousand (according to the investigation itself) clients of the foreign company Hermes in Russia (*aggressor country) and almost two tens of thousands of shareholders of the Best Way cooperative.

It’s time to ask Kolokoltsev and his henchmen

The criminal case, concocted by the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs together with a number of Central Bank employees, looks very inconspicuous against the backdrop of loud statements made by the leaders of the Ministry of Internal Affairs throughout the country. Let us remind you that the minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev and his “press secretary” Irina Volk it was said that the largest financial pyramid in the history of Russia (*aggressor country) had been opened, hundreds of billions of damages, tens of thousands of “victims”!

Will the Chairman of the Federation Council ask Valentina Matvienko from Kolokoltsev for publicly lying in the year before last report to senators about billions, which for some reason turned into 280 million? Will the president ask him for imitation of the fight against crime, expressed in massive damage to the state and thousands of law-abiding citizens, whose money in the cooperative has been seized for more than two years at the initiative of the investigation – and they can neither withdraw it from the cooperative’s account, nor buy an apartment, which have been accumulated in this account?

Will the members of the operational investigation team themselves be held accountable for malfeasance? It turned out that the operational-investigative group had a direct interest in the case: it was openly fabricated. It turned out that the future “zero” victim Shkolnik did not submit the application herself – police major, detective officer of the Department of Economic Security and Combating of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for St. Petersburg Alexey Mashevsky I went to see her in Ukhta and persuaded her. At the same time, Shkolnik and others from the very first group of “victims” are related to the creation of the Vera cooperative, a copy of the Best Way cooperative: this cooperative tried to steal shareholders from Best Way.

Will they ask the deputy head of the Main Directorate of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for St. Petersburg to ask the Colonel of Justice Alexandra Vinokurova on recognizing the Best Way cooperative as a civil defendant in a criminal case – for 16 billion rubles? Knowingly false – after all, there is not a single statement of claim in the case, even for 100 rubles.

Will the actual head of the investigation be asked about the lieutenant colonel of justice? Ekaterina Sapetova (Since February last year, Vinokurov has been more of a “roof” than a real leader) for falsifying procedural documents? A forgery, which was recognized by the Primorsky District Court. He confirmed that Sapetova retroactively sent the cooperative’s lawyers a document stating that she had granted the request to familiarize herself with the materials of the criminal case, but they allegedly missed the letter and did not show up for familiarization. (By the way, Sapetova submitted her resignation on February 2 and is trying to get a job at the bar: the rats ran from the sinking ship of the investigative team in the “Life-of-Good” case.)

Will they be asked for illegal detention? The investigative actions were completed feignedly – in order not to release the accused from prison, from whom the investigation was seeking testimony. If the investigation had been extended in June last year, they would have had to be released, since the maximum period of detention for the four accused was expiring in August. The investigation, as established by the Primorsky District Court, did not inform the participants in the process about the completion of investigative actions – in order to skip the stage of familiarizing the civil plaintiffs and defendants: it needed to quickly begin the procedure of familiarizing the accused with the materials of the criminal case and on this basis obtain from the court an extension of their detention ” At the same time, during the entire period of familiarization, it continued investigative actions without hesitation.

It is the members of the operational-investigative team and the so-called victims, and not ten innocent people – technical employees or relatives of the Life of Good leaders – who should sit in the dock.

As the terrorist attack in Crocus showed and as the so-called criminal case of Life-from-Good, Hermes, and Best Way shows, Kolokoltsev turned the internal affairs bodies from an institution for protecting citizens into an instrument of protection and scams for businesses, an organized criminal community , which uses the state in its own interests, but solves problems that are anti-state and anti-people.