Avdolyan was covered with Gordovich: to Latvia removed 100 million rubles?

The oligarch Albert Avdolyan who was lit in many ambiguous stories, including history of crash of scandalous holding Mezhregionsoyuzenergo (MRSEN) was covered by Dmitry Gordovich’s bank?

The editorial office Infopressa during the investigation of activity of "BBR bank" found extremely entertaining scheme on a conclusion of the large sums out of borders of Russia, non-payment of taxes, and the group of offshores, the Latvian bank was involved in the chain. All traces from this scheme conduct to Avdolyan.

We will remind, the founder of the Yota company having powerful interest in coal business, Albert Avdolyan became the person involved in scandal stories more than once. Promoted it and the fact that his many large deals had a number of general "signs" - sellers at the time of it were in a difficult situation, and here as the devil from a snuffbox appeared Avdolyan moreover and covered with finance of state banks. According to such scheme to him the Elginsky coalfield (former asset of the Mechel group), "Sibantratsit" of Dmitry Bosov who died under strange circumstances around whose inheritance Avdolyan turned as a shark and also the "Yakut fuel and energy company" which fell into his hands after Ziyavudin Magomedov’s arrest left.

And quite often hand in hand with Avdolyan there was a Rostec state corporation and its permanent head Sergei Chemezov with whom the oligarch intersects through "The new house". Avdolyan and a certain Nadezhda Kudravets acted as his founder, and Chemezov and his spouse Ekaterina Ignatyeva are included into the board of trustees. At the same time the initiatives of fund in Yakutia are supported personally by the head of the republic Aysen Nikolaev.

We mentioned this fund not for nothing: its president Irina Belyanova and Mrs. Kudravets will appear together with the offshores which left marks in the history of "BBR bank".

Avdolyan was covered with Gordovich: to Latvia removed 100 million rubles?

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As previously told by Infopressa, the Cypriot company Sparkel City Invest LTD and the related Russian legal entity AENP LLC (today - TSIPE N.A. Popova LLC) tried to get into many financial disputes and operations of the MRSEN division, the beneficiary of which was now fugitive from investigation businessman Eldar Osmanov - at that time a relative of Avdolyan. Through an attempt to become one of the creditors of MRSEN and its subsidiaries, the company most likely wanted to withdraw part of the assets. But for now, other creditors and the court are fighting off all these attempts. In this busy chain associated with certain loans, together with Sparkel City Invest LTD, BBB Bank was also tied up, a large shareholder of which is Dmitry Gordovich.

Avdolyan was covered with Gordovich: to Latvia removed 100 million rubles?

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By the way, the bank has repeatedly appeared in scandals. So, in 2017, the adviser to the chairman of the board, Vladimir Koryevkin, became a defendant in a criminal case on embezzlement of funds from the Moscow Mortgage Agency bank, initiated against the father of the former Interior Ministry colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko.

As we managed to find out, the bank of Gordovich and Avdolyan are connected not only by transactions on the MRSEN line, but also by a rather entertaining attempt to withdraw funds and dust them from taxes in Russia - through the illegal, as confirmed by the court, application of a zero rate.

To Latvia via Cyprus

In 2019, MIFNS of Russia, for the largest taxpayers No. 9, collected 20.1 million rubles of tax debt from income received by a foreign organization from sources in Russia and more than 10 million rubles of penalties from the Bank’s DBR. The attempt to challenge this decision essentially revealed the offshore-Latvian machinations of Gordovich and Avdolyan.

So, in 2012, the bank, under subordinated loan agreements, attracts paid financing in the amount of 10 million euros and 10 million US dollars from the Cypriot company Globalone Holding Limited, and in 2013 10 million euros from Racast Investments Limited. At the same time, money for loans to companies was provided by their shareholders - Racast International Limited and Globalone Management Group Limited.

In 2014, Gordovich’s bank pays these offshore loans (interest income) - more than 100.7 million rubles, while applying a preferential rate of 0%, referring to paragraph 1 of Art. 11 of the Agreement between the Russian Federation and Cyprus on the avoidance of double taxation in relation to taxes on income and capital. That is, in Russia, no one paid taxes from this amount.

These over 100 million rubles went to the foreign exchange accounts of firms in the Latvian bank JSC Citadele Banka, opened in both cases with the participation of the management of the representative office of Wooden